Friday, April 11, 2014

Singapore Civil Defence Force - Alexandra Fire Station Visit

ABBEY: It was after my night shift and the rain is pouring hard when we were about to visit Alexandra Fire Station. I'm reluctant to come but I was happy I made the right decision. The fire station allows guest every Saturday at 9AM to visit and learn about their operation. You just need to knock on the steel gate, sign up and trade your IC for a visit pass. 

Mr. Saif gave us a tour of the station. He showed us the different components of a fire truck, its models, and its contents. I was surprise that they also have one-man fire motorcycle (used for small fire). Their response time is from 8-12mins depends on the incident location. They will help not only on fire-related matters but they also specialize in rescue mission. 

So if there's something strange in your neighborhood don't call ghostbusters yet call your local hero first :)

WILL: Round-the-clock standby? What a passion for a people to have that kind of job! Saluting the fire fighters of Singapore Civil Defence Force!

I found out that Firs Stations are open for visitors every Saturdays for two sessions, 9 and 10am. Sister and her son coming her so its a good idea for him to see how the firemen do their job. 

We were greeted by Mr. Saif. He showed us the different trucks, life saving equipments, different hoses, inside the ambulance, inside their mini-control stations, patrol bikes, people checking their things and how the computer generates the alert for emergencies.

I am quite shocked that they also the rescue for suicides situations, that they have an ambulance in their stations(I thought all ambulances came from hospitals, haha), and all were computerized ... even the voice announcing what is the emergency all about. Oh, they also have the control of traffic lights outside 2 or more streets outside their station.

Even we do not have the chance to see how long the automatic ladders go up, or the hose sprinkles the foam or water that tour is very educational. 

Thanks to Saif and the rest of SCDF people for this kind of free tour. More, more power!