Thursday, April 17, 2014

Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014)

ABBEY: Marvel continues to reveal the only plot that it uses on its comic story or on its movies. 

Since all is well on the world of the superhero, his past will come to haunt him. It turns out that he's buddy that was assumed dead was not dead at all. His enemy will use his buddy to fight him.
On the other side, again, the highest official of whatever institution it is, or the one who is an advocate of peace is the villain. And one of the closest ally/comrade of the superhero will "die".

Fighting scenes will emerge, and yes The Winter Soldier can boast of its special effects and stunts. The "dead" buddy will somehow be trapped on falling debris and he will be rescued as they were friends. They will be saving each other at the end.
People will stay on their sits waiting for the end credit sneak-peek. And The Winter Soldier has two :)

By the way, how can a well-built, tall soldier can hide on his shield so small like that? Oh, I forgot this is not a true story :)

WILL: I asked Abbey to promise me that he will save money for us to see this 2nd sequel on the big screen. From the day I saw the end credits, I'm always on the lookout when will be the showing of Captain America 2. 

Your brain and intuition will be in great use for finding out the truth. 10/10. I want a dvd copy of this.