Tuesday, April 22, 2014

LEGOLAND® (Malaysia) Water Park

ABBEY: After a fun-filled half-day at Legoland Theme Park, we were drenched with sweat. The water is calling us at the adjacent water park. After filling up our hunger, we headed to the pools. First stop is the Buil-a-Raft River. This is their version of lazy river. Since we got tired on the park, we grabbed floaters, laid back and let the current drive us. Lego bricks were scattered along the river stretch and you can build your own raft.

Then we tried their slides : Brick Blaster, Splash N Swirl, and Tidal Tube.

We got most fun in the LEGO Slide racer. Each of us went to a different tunnel aiming to be the first. Both instances, I won. I'm the heaviest and I built the most momentum. 

The wave pool is boring as the waves are not that high but it is the best location to take snaps along with the Legoland sign. 

We definitely had a great time on Joker Soaker pool. We were waiting for the giant pail to fill up and soak us with cold water. Even the lifeguards participated on the fun. 

We really enjoyed the water park. Recommended for a family getaway.

WILL: Two birds one stone. We are already there so why waste time not to visit the Legoland Water Park.

My target is to finish the Legoland Theme Park by noon, hmmm, some of the rides was really fantastic that we gotta go for twice. In short we are an hour late for water splashing. Haha. After our lunch at KFC, we changed for our swimwear and excitedly went to Build-A-Raft River, this is for us to rest our tired feet and full tummy. After 2 rounds, we headed to Joker Soaker. 

This a dream come true! We thought that only kids were allowed to climb and slide but hey even Abbey was permitted to enjoy this. Joker Soaker's lifeguards singing very delightful songs. We always wait for the bell to ring as that would be the sign of 300 gallon bucket was about to spill. Excuse me kill joy people, if you don't want to bombared by water here by strangers this is not for you. Haha!

Lego Wave Pool. Ahmm, forget about it. Nyahaha!

Slides! It seems everything is just normal like  other water parks but I am shocked that Sam was allowed to Lego Slide Racers. We are so unsure for Samuel's safety but we asked him to swear that he shouldn't take off his hands on the mat. He swore and we have two rounds for this. Abbey is the fastest, followed by April, Sam and I were always the last. Hello gravity!

After all the slides was experienced, its time for photos. I took the snaps and while they are enjoying another rounds of water activities.

3hours of enjoyment then we rinsed off ourselves. 100points for cleanliness of the washroom and shower area.

You can save time and money by buying two tickets at the Legoland website and 20% discount if you booked your visit a week

Thanks Legoland Malaysia. We enjoyed the visit.