Thursday, April 3, 2014

Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Singapore

ABBEY: Finally we managed to got a reservation on Singapore Restaurant Week. It is on Westin Singapore (Marina View, Asia Tower 2). Normally a dinner buffet on Sundays costs 55sgd but with the discount it went to 35sgd per person. 

We were received warmly by their staff and led us to our table. It was game time. 

I got plain naan and tandoori chicken as starter. The chicken was tender, and spicy. Next I had grilled beef along with roasted lamb. Then I indulged on salmon sushi. Maybe because it is Singapore Restaurant Week, I observed that there is less variety of food. Or maybe this is the whole menu. 

Free flow of strawberry iced tea, iced tea, coffee and hot tea are included. I was expecting to see the chocolate fountain, but it turned out the fondue was in a sauce pan :) I liked their dark chocolate gelato topped with cookie.

WILL: 3 years ago we participated at Restaurant Week by Dining City, that was our first time and the experience was great.

Our March schedule is not so tight and we need some time to get out of our daily unwind. As usual, Abbey and I always receive an update regarding Singapore's Restaurant Week event and no hesitations I reserved a seat for dinner at Seasonal Taste of newly-built Westin Singapore.

Seasonal Taste is located at 32nd floor. After alighting at the taxi, we were escorted by their all-smile people to the hotel lobby then to the lift. We are amazed by the sight from the lobby; a well organized containers in PSA and the view of Marina Bay Sands from different angle.

I am expecting a set menu will be served on us, but we were delighted to hear that we are there for a buffet. Exploring the buffet floor, I was quite frustrated to see that choices were meagre. But hey, I need to cheer up even with less choices, this is still limitless food.. eat-all-you-can!

As usual, I ate my greeneries lavishly. Skipped lambs (I do not eat lambs) then went straight for sashimi. Their chef gladly offered me a new sliced salmon. I saw tempura then I get a few, tastes so good. I went back to get more, but the chef seemed forgot to re-fill the basin of tempura.

Beehoon is great and it is the one that filled up my stomach! I asked for tea and they gave me teapot. I think it is time for the dessert.

I am fan of cream puffs but their one is hhmmmm. Lack of creaminess on their custard filling and blant taste of puffs. I say okay, I will go and splurge on the oreo cheesecake. How's the taste? I just ate a small piece to check it out, then I rest my spoon and pushed the plate for Abbey to finish. Raspberry gelato topped with fresh chocolates cookies is the savior of my night.

The people is so gracious in giving us the food and clearing our table. We forgot to present our SPG membership card upon payment but when we approached their people, the happily assist us to add-on points on our card.

Thanks baby Abbey for this night and sorry for the rants! Haha!