Friday, August 16, 2013

BELVEDERE MIX (ft. Belvedere Pink Grapefruit) - 2nd Social Cocktail Soirée

ABBEY: I already said in our past blogs that I'm not a drinker; neither occasional nor habitual. I just don't like the after taste of it. But Belvedere Vodka somehow gave me a different view on liquors. We were invited at their 2nd Social Cocktail Party which was held at The Vault along Chinatown. 

The party is unique in a sense that you have to mingle to get your desired concoction. Every guest will be given a pink band which was assigned a particular ingredient of a drink. You must look for other ingredients of the drink of your choice. Once found you will go to the bar and they will mix it for you. Not only will have your vodka but also new acquaintances. Clever, right? 

Top 4 mixers and mixes were shown in a wide screen on the hall. The most favourite that night is the Pink Grapefruit Cosmo. And the females beat the males for the number of drinks made. The party was a sure fun.

WILL: First of all, thank you to Belvedere Mix not only for the tickets but for teaching me how to mingle with others in a party. When I go to club, I usually sit in a corner, watching the people around while sipping my drinks.
     I am fond of vodka and concoction drinks and before my drool drips, Abbey and I found another couple looking for 2 more people to get a drink! Pink Grapefruit Cosmo is a hot hot drink that night and I fell in love with it.
     As the sun came down, more and more people were getting along with each other. Sharing tables and seats, exchanging smiles and sometimes asking me and Abbey if we can go to the counter to try the other mix.
     Abbey is not a drinker but that night he finished 2 glasses. So now readers, you know how good this Belvedere Pink Grapefruit tastes! 
     Again, thanks Belvedere Vodka - Singapore and The Vault for making this pink party a success!