Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arthur Newman - Singapore Preview

ABBEY: Have you ever made major mistakes or regret things you've done and want to start anew? But here's the catch, you'll start from the point when you want the change. You'll not go back to square one but you will be given a new identity. That's when Arthur Newman was born. Wanting to escape his current life, he paid for his new self and began his journey not knowing where to go. 

With a stash of cash, he embarked on a road trip. And met her match, Mike, another person with dual identities. They had their share of misadventures, house-tripping and lust. And both also were being haunted by their past, and soon realized that they need to face it. Separating their ways, they went for rebirth of relationships.

WILL: Thanks to ELLE for their Facebook giveaway for the movie Arthur Newman.
      A man and woman wants to have new life. They want to leave behind all their past, their loved and their family. But as the truth slammed back to them for the lie they have done, they have no choice but to go back to their past.
     Not so nice movie but there are great things to ponder.