Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baked by Da Paolo Gastronomia @ Holland Village

ABBEY: The new craze in New York hits also Singapore. People are craving for crodos ( croissant-doughnuts a.k.a cronuts). And be sure to go into the store early as the pastries are gone in a flash. I also read that other people ask their friends from the US to bring some when they visit this city state. It will definitely capture everyone's taste as the melts-in-your-mouth dough and sweetness of doughnut were combined. 

We got our share from Da Paolo Gastronomia at Holland Village.  Each crodos is almost SGD4.90. But I'm telling you, its worth it. They have cream, lemon-merengue and chocolate. I preferred chocolate especially when the filling bursts after each bite. I can see my wife's excitement when she saw boxes of crodos before her eyes. 

Celebrating Singapore National Day they created crodos with red stripe and stars. 

WILL: Crodos or Cronuts? Whatever the name is, this pastry made a big blast in New York and now hit Singapore with a big boom!
      I saw the photos in Holland Village Singapore facebook page, saved and asked Abbey if he can get some for me, not more than 3 days, wish granted!
      He told me that the cream flavoured was already out and Da Paolo Gastronomia's staff says that it only sits in their store for few hours. But anyway, I love the chocolate flavor more. The price is $4.90 quite expensive isn't it? But I promise that it's worthy of its price. 
     Abbey surprised me of the National Day special and merengue. They ate all good! Abbey never fails to know what I love to eat ;)