Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jobs (2013)

ABBEY: Before we watch Steve Jobs' biography in the silver screen, I was able to read about him in the book of Walter Isaacson. And I got excited when Wilma told me that we won a pair of tickets for Jobs' premier night. 

It was a good movie. My imagination while reading the book became a reality. Sometimes I would smile seeing Ashton Kutcher portray a serious guy. I'm always reminded of him as the owner of the Malibu beach house in Two and a Half men. But he did a good job in Jobs :) He got it; the way Steve talk and walk and even the unblinking stare when he deals with decisions for business. 

In the movie, they also show the reality-distortion field; where he would not be affected or be under any law (like when he parked in a lot for disabled). For him, it is a binary world; you are either a 1 or a zero, a perfect or "sh*t". Jobs was an excellent businessman and visionary. He made Apple rose again after he took over and reclaimed his own. But with all those successes, he lacked some of the traits that a person should have for his friends and family.

WILL: I am a big fan of Apple products as well as the brain behind this gigantic company. I really fell in love to its colorful Mac, actually when I on my 2nd year of college my sister asked me what personal computer I want for my bday, I told her Mac but her budget only that time is Php50k and the eye-candy Mac costs more than Php100k. So I just settled on Acer that time.
      My first Apple product was iPhone 3GS and from there, I saw the convenient truth in using Apple products and that thought was confirmed when I jumped to Samsung Note today.
      So lets go to the movie.. Ha! Obviously this is about Steven Jobs.. His life as a big part of Apple. This is really an interesting movie. 8/10. I hope more Steve Jobs will be coming up for the next generations, a man that will push someone to their limit, to their success..
      Thanks InSing for this free tix!