Monday, August 5, 2013

Tipco 100% Veggie Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice

ABBEY: We found these tetra-pack delights when we're having our weekly grocery. One liter costs S$2.60. 

The taste is sweet and thirst-quenching after a hearty meal.

WILL: Vitamin C cannot only be found to sour fruits... broccoli is one of the good source of this vitamin. 
      Tipco offers juice made out of this vegetables and I am so excited to try it. As I poured it in our glass, I can't wait to taste it but once the juice landed on my tastebuds, my happiness backed to zero. 
      The juice is way too sweet, dominated by the sweet tastes of fruits. Abbey and Vincent love it. Abbey will sure be buying it again, but me.. Nah!