Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet Up and Cashflow Game

ABBEY: Wilma and I decided to learn more about handling our finances. We believe that we have to be good stewards with the blessings that God is giving to us. 

Here we meet like-minded people who wants to enrich their financial literacy and eventually become financially independent. 

The attendees were less than 10 but we had fun sharing our ideas, tips on investment and calculating the money you have left after spending most of it on a yacht for a "doodad" :)) We indulged in sisig-style tofu and pork ribs and chicken barbecue. It was a day full of FREE learning. 

Yes, playing cashflow game is free here :) Until next time!

WILL: I know Robert Kiyosaki's game board named Cashflow and just recently Abbey and I play these board through e-game. Abbey always won almost each round bit we are still craving to play the real one with real people.
      Cashflow game is a real fun while learning how to attack the different situation that may occur in real life. Here you can see who is the risk takers and who are very conservative in investing.