Friday, August 9, 2013

The Soup Spoon at Suntec City (19th Branch)

ABBEY: I used to pass by The Soup Spoon when I go to office but didn't got the chance to dine in as I'm not a fan of soups. They opened their Suntec branch recently and Wilma won a 10 sgd voucher. We visited it on a Sunday afternoon. 

The chairs and tables have park-like designs and the ambiance got a homey feel. We ordered Lamb and pork sausage ragu in a bread bowl. I was not even aware that they serving in bread bowls :) Good to know that. We also got smoked ham and cheese sandwich. The bread is soft and fillings are flavorful and delicious. I got full after eating. 

One question though, is it ok to finish the bread-bowl also?

WILL: I am a fan of soups most specially the pumpkin, I even bought a book of soup recipes but.. OMG, I am not really good in cooking.. hehe..
      I joined and I won a $10 voucher for The Soup Spoon's 19th branch in Singapore, located at newly renovated and so awesome Suntec City Mall. 
      Asking Abbey for a date on this restaurant and on one Sunday afternoon, we go there for lunch. He ordered the Chef's special Lamb and Pork Sausage Ragu, I am in heaven! Tastes so great! 
      The Smoked Ham and Cheese taste differently to others maybe because of their bread. 
      I will definitely come back on any of their branches! Oh, guys, thanks for the voucher. :)