Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Grilled Lemon Soy Sauce Chicken

1/2kg of chicken wings
White pepper
2 lemon (juiced)
Soy sauce

To marinade.
Wash chicken. Rub white pepper and salt to the chicken then leave for an hour. Put the lemon juice together with soy sauce and dip each meat into it. Put in the fridge for overnight.

As soon as the charcoal have the perfect heat, grill the chicken and constantly brush the marinade sauce on the chicken to keep the moisture. 

ABBEY: We held a DBA-get-together at our place last week of July. And we committed chicken for our share. Wilma came up with an idea for the marinade; lemon and soy sauce. So simple yet so delicious. 

Sour taste on each bite as well as salty and this combo really get me to go for more. Note: This should be eaten with hot rice for better enjoyment.