Friday, April 12, 2013

The Venetian Macao

ABBEY: Venetian is one of the many hotels and casinos in Macau. It also houses signature and prominent boutiques; Victoria's Secret where you can pose along with Heidi Klum's wings which she wore on one of the fashion shows. The hotel has sampan(gondola) like the one in Marina Bay Sands. If on a budget you can buy lunch or dinner at their foodcourt just like us. 

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the hotel is the ceiling on the third floor. It was as if there is no roof. The ceiling was painted with a portrait of the sky. Its always "day" on that area of the hotel. You can enjoy the scenic view as a singer renders an opera.

WILL: Do you want to experience a gondola cruise under a blue sky?, c'mon go to Venetian Macao and experience it for only 118MOP. 
      This largest casino, hotel and resort rolled in one is located at Taipa island of Macau. The building was inspired by architectural designs in Italy. 
      I felt that I was so welcomed here, in this building, we took our first dinner and spend half of our second day strolling around on the Titanic and The Human Bodies exhibition. 
     This is a gigantic place that maybe can be conquered for three days of walking. Haha! This is a must-to-see place in Macau! Tourist must check this out. Oh, they are providing a free shuttle from the Ferry terminal and sister company Sands Macao.