Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Human Bodies Exhibition at The Venetian Macao

ABBEY: When I was a kid, I like viewing the pictures of human anatomy on encyclopedias complete with the transparent pages as if you are dissecting it layer by layer. The Human Bodies was exhibited at the Science Museum in Singapore. Due to lack of time and the ticket is expensive, we didn't go there. We went to Venetian hotel as part of our Macau trip. We were surprised that they are selling tickets for the display at a low price; 360HKD including Titanic. 

It started by Dr. Gunther von Hagens. The displays were patients who donated to have their bodies used for science and for others to know more about our body. He uses a technique preserving the human body called plastination; wherein the body will last longer than putting formalin alone. Some bodies shows only muscles, bones, and nerves. The exhibit shows also the different systems like reproductive, and digestive systems. 

One particular display caught my attention; it is a preserved womb of a woman including a child. Others exhibits a healthy and worn out (with disease) part of the body like kidney, lungs, heart, breast and liver. This made me realize to take care of own "machine" as well. The last display is the whole body cut into sections wherein you can see all what is inside. This is a good learning tool for all the visitors of the museum.

WILL: Abraham and our registered nurse friend really wants to see the exhibit when visited Singapore but I am not fond in exploring human body parts but due when we saw the promotion by The Venetian Macao, Abbey and I decided to grab the offer. 
      The bodies undergone in a "plastination". A jaw-dropping showcase was right before me. The skin was stripped open for the visitors to look what the ordinary people can't see. 
      Muscles, bones, veins, respiratory and reproductive was artistically positioned for us to see whats underneath ourselves. 
      Even if you are not a medical practitioner or student, you shouldn't let this pass. Very informative.