Thursday, April 4, 2013

Titanic - The Exhibition (Macau)

ABBEY: The ticket for this exhibit is expensive when they curated in Singapore. So we took the chance when it was shown in Venetian Hotel at Macau. The ticket was priced at HKD120 but at HKD180 you can visit the Human Body Exhibition as well. 

It was presented as if your boarding the Titanic. First is the tickets or passes along with the guests records and facts about other loads like foods and cars. Once onboard the ship they replicated the famous white corridor; you can't get through the door though. Next is the china wares used in the ship. Then came the grand staircase. You can strike a pose like Jack and Rose here. Then it became pitch black with only stars and little amount of light from inside the ship. That's when the iceberg hit Titanic. A chamber with a wall of ice was displayed allowed the visitors to feel how cold zero degree celsius. The challenge is how long you can stick your hand in it. If its cold for you then imagine how the victims experience when their bodies were soaked in water with a temperature lower than that. 

At the beginning of the exhibit a card was given to each guests that depicts a boarding pass with actual names of the passengers who boarded the Titanic. At the end a long lists survivors and deaths were on the walls. You can check if you survived the tragedy or not.

WILL: When Titanic Exhibit went here in Singapore last 2012, I never want to go there. Why? For me it is just a waste of $24 to see the artifacts of a ship.
      When we visited Macau last February, we saw that The Venetian Macao offers the tickets for its 2 exhibits, Titanic and Human Bodies for only HK$180.00 (SGD 28.25), really cheaper! So after our lunch at Sands Macau we boarded the shuttle bus that will bring us directly to The Ventian Macao. As the casino was flooded by tourists, we are hoping that the exhibition will be serene.
      High hopes... When we entered the Titanic Exhibition, you can count by fingers the visitors. You can take your time to read all the facts about the luxurious ship. How it came to life, how it sailed, and how magnificent the body of this vessel.
     Goosebumps all-over when we entered a room that showcased the viewing deck of the ship and the stars somewhat glimmers in a very dark night. Also showcased here the cabin of different classes. We have a chance to have a photo of the famous grand staircase. There's also a kind-a-iceberg which you have a chance to feel how cold and how hard the kind of ice that ripped open the metals of the "unsinkable" ship. 
     This is a great experience. Hmmm? Titanic II? Hopefully we can get on board ;)