Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Beauty Boutique Clementi - Foot Reflexology Service

ABBEY: We got a 1-hour foot spa-scrub-massage from  and it will serviced by Beauty Boutique; a shop near Clementi MRT station. We were asked to sit on a lazy-boy type chair and a couple of minutes after our feet were soaked in warm water with herbs and tea.

After 30 minutes of dipping we were given a foot scrub. I felt that my feet were very well cleaned. Our feet were dried and oil was applied on to them as the massage started.

I enjoyed it as the masseur hit the aching part on my heel and I got relieved. It is as if I'm walking on very soft cushion after. Once in a while its worth pampering our feet; the reason why we can go from places to places.

WILL: Oh, we are so loving the deals now, its very near to our home. Only 4 bus stops away.
      Abbey deserved all the relaxation the world can give. He is a great husband the woman can have. Ayyyiiiieeee! 
      After alighting in front of Clementi Mall, we just walked a few stalls then we arrived at this red, red stall... The Beauty Boutique. We were not there to accentuate our beauty but to relax our very tired feet. 
      Immediately an usher assisted us and felt the comfort o the seats offered. She asked us is we want to upgrade our voucher for $5, we agreed, then a tea bag was soaked together with our feet. In a hot water for 10minutes, my feet was relaxed and the tensed muscles started to calm, they scrub my foot up to knees, washed the scrub down, the kneading began. 
      As usual I requested for a hard massage. My foot aches was directly hit by their professional hands. The more they pressed, the more I feel the relief. 
      They have some promotions but unlike other salon, they are pushy for you to grab their offers. 
      The salon is very clean and the masseurs are very kind.      
      Thank you to for this offer!