Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Croods

ABBEY: I didn't set my expectations high on this animated film. I thought it was like a Tarzan or Jungle Book plot. But I was wrong. I enjoyed watching it. 

It is a story of pre-historic people who managed to survive on difficult challenges they face everyday. Their motto is to settle in the cave once the "light" has gone out. They would hunt for food by stealing eggs of the animal and when they are finished its almost sundown. Their live became a ritual  and Eep is not happy about it. She knew there is something beyond what they believe. But her father, Grug, would insist that they stay on the cave at nightfall. At the cave Grug will share stories to his mother-in-law, Gran, wife, Ugga , son, Thunk and little daughter, Sandy. 

One night Eep couldn't sleep and she noticed that there's a "moving light" outside the cave. She went out and follow it. It was fire from a torch of Guy; a wanderer who is heading his way to the mountain to escape the incoming earthquake. She held () captive and brought him to her family; telling that he has the "sun". The catastrophe brought their cave to the ground so they decided to move with Guy. 

It was a fun adventure. I like the punchlines of Belt. Everything is new to the family as it was their first time moving out of their comfort zone which makes Grug worried. They managed to resolved their family conflicts and settle to a better place. 

Be sure to check how they do their family portrait :)

WILL: This is not a "Flintstone" movie, but this is portrayal of stone age. 
      The Croods is a family that life goes round and round, they fear on changes, frightened to try new things. But the changes should be faced and the said change is a "must". 
      This is a great movie specially for kids. Here you can learn how to handle new things that will come to your way. Father's love to his family showed blatantly in this film. 
      Thanks to InCinemas Singapore for the free preview passes! :) keep the good movies coming guys! Mwahhhz!