Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walt Disney Studios Singapore: Oz The Great and Powerful

ABBEY: Wilma always wanted to see a film about Wizard of Oz. From early movies created up to the famous broadway show Wicked, she saw them all.

She asked me if we can watch Oz: Great and Powerful in the big screen. She lost hope in winning a pair of tickets on Nuffnang and Facebook contests. I gladly said yes.

As in the title, it shows the story about the wizard. Oz was portrayed by James Franco. He is a magician in a circus and people really believe that he has powers. So a girl who has a disability and her family offered him money and ask him to make the girl walk. It was in the middle of his act. As he couldn't do it, the people called him a con-man and demanded to refund their payment. Oz also has the habit on hitting on all the girls including the woman of a circus weightlifter. With everyone trying to get a piece of him, he rode a hot air balloon to leave the place. Little did he know that the balloon is being sucked towards a tornado. This eventually became the gate to the land of Oz. 

He was amazed by the tall peaks, rushing waters of the falls, colorful trees and weird creatures. (Mila Kunis) saw Oz when he fell down from the sky. She told Oz that he is the wizard who will set free the people as on the prophecy. On their way to Emerald City, they met monkey with wings, ; it would be Oz's sidekick. Expect a lot of laugh from him. 

Mila introduced Oz to her sister (Rachel Weisz). Asked Oz that if he killed the "evil" witch Glinda (Michelle Williams) he can get all the riches of the treasury. The tables turned upside down when Oz knew the truth. And they prepared a battle between good and evil. You will be surprised how Oz became great and had the respect of the people of Oz (Thinkers, Quadlings, and Munchkins). Its a good movie; great for children.

WILL: Big fan of Wizards of Oz?, here! here! 
      We are members of Nuffnang Singapore, and they alerted us to blog about this movie and win for ourselves a pair of movie passes. I waited... waited until 5pm last 7th of March but no email for Abbey about winnings, since I am great great fan, I can't wait for another day to watch the film. So we decided to go to JCube and bought a pair of tickets. 
      My smile is from ear to ear when I finally took a look on the passes. I watched intensely and laugh so hard on every moves of the very adorable Oz. I am so happy to be the of people in Singapore to see the film on its first day of showing. A very recommendable movie for everyone. 
     On our way home, as I check mails, I saw the Nuffnang congratulatory mail. Haha. We decided to see it again. Sorry friends for being so selfish. I just really love this movie. One monday we hit VivoCity mall to watch it for the second time at Golden Village. ;)