Thursday, October 18, 2012


ABBEY: What if you got addicted to "Mary Jane"? What if you had the best pot in the world and have knowledge to nurture it? That means business and trouble also. That's what Ben (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and O (Blake Lively) did. They grow the plant and sell for medicinal use; but the big money comes from black market. Ben and Chon are buddies since college. They share the same house, clothes and girl. Yes they do that. As their business prospers a lot of people is getting envy. The Mexican drug cartel founded by late husband of Elena (Salma Hayek) along with her right hand Lado (Benicio del Toro) kidnapped their shared girlfriend and ask for a cut in their profit along with passing of knowledge for the plant. 

Ben wanted to give all to them and start a good new life but it wasn't easy for Chon. He wants to fight. They asked for help from their protector, a corrupt government agent, but he can't do a thing about it. They find their own way to get O in whichever way possible. The movie is kind of alarming but its happening. People will kill and die for that. But in the end you will only sole responsible for yourself and your actions.

WILL: Well, when the things were meant for you, you will have it no matter what. Haha. 
      Yeah we were the lucky ten of Singapore FHM when they posted their movie ticket giveaway of Savages. 
      After office, I immediately ran to Orchard Shaw Lido and met Abbey and see the movie. That flick is a story of two good friends who shared anything and everything and even the girl they love. How complicated life that the illegal drugs brought them. 
      9/10, quite long movie but I enjoyed it a lot specially the ending. This movie is prohibited for underage children.