Thursday, October 4, 2012

Singapore GP 2012 Concert : Katy Perry

ABBEY: She's the one who closed the 2012 Singtel Formula 1 Grand Prix. After the final race and Vettel got the trophy we headed to the race track and have our way to Padang stage. A huge number of people flocked on the ground waiting for Katy. She was wearing what look like a sexy racing outfit with K and P marks at the back. She sang her top hit songs like Extraterrestrial, The one that got away, California Girls, Peacock, I kissed a girl, waking up in Vegas and Fireworks. A guy is lucky on that night when received a long smack from Katy. Her performance is great. No wonder why she was chosen for that Sunday concert.

WILL: I am Katy Perry fan and obviously this 2012 Singapore GP is a real deal, $178 for two concert of my fave artists and to see the burning skills of racing cars. 
      As Vettel popped the champagne, we immediately conquered the tracks to walk our way to the Padang Stage. We are in hurry since we only have 30mins before Katy starts to heat up the stage. Well, I am not wrong, we are late of a few minutes because Ms Perry almost finish the "Hot and Cold" song when we entered the FanZone. 
      As we got the spot, I loose myself and started to  sway, jumped and raise my hands along with her music. Sweat is all over me but I don't care. Abbey? He lingers every moment while he is taking snaps of this lazy eyed girl. 
      Again, thanks Singapore GP for the fanzone wristband. :)