Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pizza Hut Tropical Hawaiian

ABBEY: Pizza Hut revealed again another innovation for their pizza. Cheese and were combined in perimeter of their crust. One more reason to bite the pie from the other end. For sgd27.90, you can have 1 regular pizza, 2 soups and drinks. I wonder what would be their next creation.

WILL: This month of October I am into pizza. When Abbey told me that we will be starving while waiting for our meeting that night, I suggest to go to Harbourfront Centre and in to Pizza Hut. I really miss the distinctive taste of their dough, of the oil around the pan and specially their stuffed crust, omg!!! 
      So there we were, sitting and waiting for our order of super pan delight meal costs $27.90 consisted of 2 sparkles, 2 soup of the day and regular pan pizza. Then food went their way to our table. Excitedly we ate the soup then the pizza. Every bite on every slice  is extremely amazing, extremely satisfying. I am pretty sure we really miss pizza hut. Thanks for this dinner. You made us so full that night.