Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bucket of Gold

ABBEY: Wilma and I agreed to put one-dollar coin from our pockets and wallets to our Malteser-bucket-turned-into-piggy-bank. Day by day until up to two years we saved 518 $1-sgd-coins. We rolled them in sheets of paper (20 SGD per roll). 

Oh my, they're heavy. Putting them in a bank costs fees. 0.075 SGD per piece. So the 500-dollar savings became almost 475 only. Lesson learned but we enjoyed saving extra money that now became a habit for us.

WILL: "Oh my, Singapore's piso($1) is so cute!" As I exclaimed with delight Abbey got an idea to make a piggy bank and put only $1 inside. When we will open it?, we don't know. It started two years ago, its getting heavier and heavier every time I lifted it when I am doing a general cleaning of the room.

      We received a great news that Nuffnang will cash-out the earnings from our blogs and from there, we made that the Nuffnang cheque as a sign that we need to open the bucket once we received it from our sole advertiser.
      That day came, we received the 2 year earnings from our blogs then hurriedly open the Maltsers's bucket. Total of $518 coins was invested. Delighted?, yes too much. I don't expect this huge amount of money. On the next day Abbey went to Citibank to deposit those, there it will stay together with the Nuffnang's cheque until we made a decision where we will invest that sum.
      Happy but quite disappointed since the bank charged us $40+ coin counting fee. Huhu.. We learned our lessons in saving coins and that deduction will never happen again since our next project is to save for $2.00. I hope we can go for thousand plus.