Friday, October 19, 2012

Beef Pares Recipe

1/2 kilo of beef (uncut, brisket part)
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup brown sugar
4 cloves garlic (minced)
1 medium onion (minced)
2 tbsp ginger (minced)
2 beef cubes
3 pcs star anise
Salt and pepper
4 cups of water

Boil the meat until tender. (maybe an hour in a cooking pot or 20 mins in a pressure cooker). Once done get the beef out of the stock and cut in cubes.
Saute ginger, onion, and garlic. Put in the beef and stir fry it. Next is the soy sauce and 1 cup of beef stock from earlier procedure. Bring it to boil. Once boiling put in the beef cubes and star anise. Add water as necessary to make the beef more tender. After 10-15 mins, put the sugar, salt and pepper. Let the sauce thicken and serve the pares with hot rice.

WILL: I saw a photo of beef tapa and my mind immediately gave a signal to my salivary gland to moisten my mouth. Drooling, so ai requested Abbey to cook that for me, but he was hesitant so I just asked him to cook a morcon for me. 
      I was so excited to go home yesterday since I know that Morcon and gravy is waiting for me. When I am about to sit, there is a bowl of thick sauced meat, and asked Abbey what was that,  with his poker face told me that it was a beef pares as per request. Hearing that I jumped my way to him, squeeze him tight and murmur how much I love him. :) 
      While eating my beef pares, Abbey aked me to take a look and taste off the morcon, I just told him I will eat those later. Haha. The beef pares really reminds me of tapsilogan along 9th avenue caloocan. Haha. So delicious. After I put down my spoon and fork, there is a feeling within that my tummy will be exploding. Haha. I really miss this food. Love it a lot :)