Friday, October 5, 2012

Bay Hotel Singapore - Rumah Rasa

ABBEY: Heard about buffet? Yes. But ala carte buffet, no. We got this deal from worth 45sgd. An ala carte Indonesian dinner buffet at Rumah Rasah in Bay Hotel (near Harbourfront MRT). In ala carte buffet you will not see the typical dishes served in huge plates and you will pick what you like and eat. Instead they will give you a menu, tell what you want and it will be served in small portions. As it is a buffet order as many as you want repeatedly.
First serving we had gado-gado (boiled vegetable with peanut sauce), sweet and sour fish fillet, and potato croquette.

Third is our favorite fish fillet and potato croquette again. Each serving comes with beautiful presentation. The staff are polite to explain what is in the menu. I was very full after the dinner ended. I had enough of good food. Sadly they announced that they will only cater Indonesian cuisine until October 7, 2012. It will be replaced by European cuisine by then.

WILL: After the Singapore GP drained all our adrenaline, all our energy and our voice. Its a great time to re-fuel. While scheduling all the vouchers we have, I immediately asked Abbey if we can have dinner at Rumah Rasa for that night. He agreed, I called for reservation then I am on my way to bathroom. 
      We entered the Bay Hotel's restaurant and awed by the its serene effect on us. We sat opposite with each other and hailed the waiter to introduce us to the different viands in the menu. 
      As ordered, we tasted and we enjoyed every bite of every ordered food we had that night. But my favorite is the garlic clams. I think I asked three servings of it. Rumah Rasa is ala-carte buffet so there is no need to stand your way to the buffet table. 
     Persuaded by the surroundings and we talked like we are dating before, we took our time and linger on every words we spoke to each other. We went back to the days before I saw him again, to the days we are dating and to the days my wall is up and very hard to tumble down. Indeed this is a great night. Peaceful place and nice food with the man I love. 
     Glad before Bay Hotel decided to turn Ruma Rasah to western cuisine, we have this chance to taste their Indonesian food. Thanks to Plus Big Deal for this voucher :)