Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deli Turk Turkish Cuisine - Suntec Mall

ABBEY: We were looking for a place to dine at Suntec City Mall and was about to order a meal at Pangat. Suddenly, Wilma asked if we can try Turkish Cuisine diner. We were warmly welcomed by their staff and handed us the menu upon seating. We looked for shawarma but they don't serve it and asked us if we would like to try pide, an oval shaped pizza like bread. I got the vegan one. The crust is crunchy and the toppings has a good aroma which makes you crave for more. We had a complimentary apple tea served in a fancy shot glass.

WILL: I am lucky girl. Every time I am craving for something, the food is just around us, its either we can directly buy it from any store or Abbey will cook it for me. Last August, I am really into shawarma, that was up to point that I asked Abbey to cook and wrap the pork left-over meat. Haha.
      So this craziness hits me when we are roaming around the Suntec, very blessed, we saw the Deli Turk Tukish Cuisine. Upon settling down, I immediately asked their staff if do they have shawarma, they advise us to take the Kebab and they will wrap it for me. Immediately agreed to the offer. Husband went for vegetarian pizza pied. The chicken kebab taste so nice, the sauce coming out from it gave an instant bliss to my mouth. The pizza pide is extrmely nice, you will never know that the topping is all vegies. Oh darn, I almost eat all the pide, haha..
      As usual, Abbey and I are talking over the food, we normally discuss everything and anything. That time, we are talking about the progress of this couple's blog, we reminisce how it started and on now having a thousand of views from different parts of the world. Very fulfilling. 
      We send over some compliments once we have a good dining experience in every restaurant we pig-out. After saying thank you for serving a good food to us, a complimentary apple tea made its way to our table. Oh darl, I will tell you this is my cup of tea. I can drink a pitcher of that. Haha! 
      This is located at Suntec #03-04 and they have another brach at 162 Upper East Coast Road.