Tuesday, October 23, 2012

La Cantina Operetta

ABBEY: This was a newly-opened shop at Prinsep Street. They invite diners to come and taste their pizza that was cooked in a one of a kind oven, . I was skeptical by the size of what they call a 5-dollar pizza during their promotion. 

Lo and behold the margherita pizza is larger than my big hand. It was charred in perfection giving the crust a good crunch. The sauce compliments well with the dough which gives you a flavorful bite. Putting some of their chili oil will make it more aromatic. We also tried their four-cheese pasta. It was so delicious. Good comfort food after a day's work. It costs 22sgd and 3sgd per drink.

WILL: If you really love breads or pizza, the mere smell of it you will know if it was cooked from an industrial o from a firewood oven. L'Opera Group recently opened their Prinsep St. Branch, to cater the tourist checked-in to the hotel around the area and the celebratory students of SOTA.
      We once dined to one of their sister company Pizzeria L'Operatta located at Icon Village, so here we know somehow what to expect. We arrived at La Cantina Operatta just in time for a dinner. Hubby and I was just out from the office then, so we are really starving to death. 
      When we got in the place, I am so amused, this is not the ambiance I am expecting. My mind imagined that their place is like a customary eatery that I can see in the malls, but I brain was very wrong. This place is great to unwind, when you will stay inside most specially on the second floor, you will not here any noise of the vehicles, nor the music of the neighboring restaurants , here you can focus to your dining mate and to your plate. Haha. Very romantic lighting indeed. 
      We ordered 2 Pizza Margherita for $5 each and a plate o Penne Alla Quattro Formaggi. Abbey is very hesitant that we only ask for those, he say they might have a small serving, but when the pizza made its way to our table, he was so astounded how huge it is. bigger than his hand (Abbey is 6-foot tall, yes he have a big hands) Haha. Pizza alone can make my tummy full. They gave us their specially made chilli oil, and as hubby knew what I will do, I poured a lot oil on top of my pizza and every bite of those was really appreciated by my mouth. I finished my whole pizza haha. Then the pasta is a good choice also, the yummy cheese is so tasty with its al-dente penne pasta. I want to eat more but my stomach will be bursting anytime soon. Haha.