Sunday, November 4, 2012

Singapore Refuel Package - KFC Rice

ABBEY: Back in Philippines it is a "gravy" feast on a hot rice whenever we order a chicken meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken. So we were ecstatic knowing the KFC Singapore is starting to serve chicken with rice. They only have chicken with mashed potato when I got here. 

The rice meals come in two sauce; spicy tomato and original recipe sauce. We went to their branch at Punggol Plaza. I gave a huge smile on the cashier upon receiving my two orders of rice delights. Sadly, Joy, oh the irony in her name, didn't return it back. Maybe she's just having a bad day. That didn't deter me to enjoy a box of chicken and rice with cucumber and gravy at 5.95 each. It tastes great. The crunchiness of the chicken with the flavorful gravy and hot rice complement well. It is so good that we even took out one more meal. KFC also offers rice on their 2-piece chicken meal. It's great KFC Rice started here.

WILL: KFC Philippines offers rice together with the chicken and gravy to match, when it started?, that information I do not know, but that combo just introduced here in Singapore last week. 
      Gil posted a picture in his facebook wall then Abbey scheduled a breakfast just near our place. I immediately conform the idea, why?, because having breakfast is a lot sweeter than having a dinner with your loved one. ;) 
      Entering the KFC branch at Punggol Plaza, we hurriedly ordered 2 sets with free green tea. Gosh, this is it. Eating out in KFC just like we were doing back home. It is so yummy we took one more set meal home. ;) Way to go KFC! Cheers!