Monday, August 22, 2011

Ya Zhou Cafe - Korean Cuisine

ABBEY: We wanted to have Korean cuisine for lunch. Good thing Suntec City mall offers a wide range of choices for diners. Ya Zhou Cafe is located near Fountain of Wealth.
I got bimbimbap. It's pork served in a hot clay pot with spicy sauce. I also had fried mandu(gyoza). The soup included in the meal is also.
We had a good dinner at the place.

WILL:  Abbey is looking for a korean cuisine and I found this. I think this is the cheapest korean cuisine along Suntec City Mall. 
Ya Zhou Cafe is located along the Fountain of Wealth. Very affordable, each meal costs not more than 8$, soup, main course, drinks and three scoops of ice cream and that was for Abbey. Me, i only ordered a fried pork with curry. Hehe. Very korean, chopsticks is metal. Hehe. ;)