Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chilli Chicken McGrill

ABBEY: I thought I won't be able to avail this promo. Buy a Spicy Chicken McGrill and get one spicy or original free. For 10sgd the sandwich comes with large drink and fries. It was so hot; I felt I got fire in my belly. As far as I can remember I had 4 of 1 for 1. Of course the other half is for my wifey.

They also offer black pepper chicken McGrill.

WILL:  And they have a promotion again and this one is to celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday :) To promote the chicken burger varieties, they send off the chili chicken McGrill. The taste? Oh yeah, the slogan is right!, it is really a fire in our belly. Hehe. :) Nice, another way to spice up our life. It costs $7 ala carte.