Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Whisperer - Cesar Millan

ABBEY: Naughty dog? Not anymore. There had been a great amount of plug in NatGeo regarding this TV show about a man who can talk to dogs. It's not speaking to them literally, but he is an expert for understanding dog behavior. The man is Cesar Milan. When I saw an episode of his, I was shocked. He can communicate well to the canine even if it's only the first time he's seen it. He always tell the viewers to act as the leader of the pack. Don't get intimidated by them, and learn to appreciate and reward the dog's accomplishment.

As the Season 1 Finale aired, he said that not all the dog stories ends with a happy ending. One dog was euthanized for showing bizarre behavior. Another episode in Season 2 showed that the dog whisperer was bitten by a bulldog.
Get well soon Cesar, and more power to the show.

WILL: I do not hate dogs but i do not love them either. I was bitten by our own dogs not only once, not only twice but a lot. And iba't-ibang dogs iyon ha. So imagine, how i react whenever I saw any kind of dog. 
      Watching Cesar dominates any breed of dogs made me awed! Damn it, how he does it?! Hehe. I learned a lot from his show but the fear is still in me.