Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cowhead Biscuits

This is way awesome. I like most is their black variation. It is like an Oreo cookie but less sweet fillings. Be sure to gargle after eating else the crumbs will stay in between your teeth. If the black one is not your thing, you can try milk sandwich cracker. Upon opening the package, you can already smell the nice aroma of milk. For me, I eat it one after the other. Eat black, then milk, then black, then milk again. Oooops, got to get to work again :)

WILL:  Actually, this is better than what I think.The best for me among the three flavors is the cocoa biscuits filled in by hazelnut. Tapos samahan mo pa ng mainit na tsaa. Sarap! 
       ooh, I almost forgot, this was made from Philippines. :D