Thursday, August 18, 2011

Captain America - The First Avenger

ABBEY: Honestly speaking I don't know Captain America's origin. Good thing we watched the movie. I appreciate the plot of the story and special effects. The movie also had good and funny moments.
As expected on every Marvel movie, wait for the credits to finish. It will reveal the trailer of the next movie. We will be expecting, The Avengers.

WILL: Actually the trailer doesn't have any appeal for me... at all, but Abbey requested me to accompany him to watch this. So, who am I to refuse? 
      The story runs on a little man with a golden heart and have a courage to defend his country. But it never been as easy as that, he failed a lot to many tests given for American soldiers. Then after a long wait he passed, and then you must watch for yourself. Hehe. The next episode will be on next year, another movie to watch for. :) 
      Thankful that my husband asked me out. He never fails for a good movie. He knows what I want to watch :)