Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jazz Bridal Pte Ltd

ABBEY:  It's been almost five months since we tied the knot but we were not still be able to blog on the boutique that provided our beautiful wedding dress and suite.
We went there after Chinese New Year. We were told that they are having promotion. We got all for the price of 888.

Wow, that was great. The shop didn't fail us, as we were both looking good at our BIG day.

Maybe at our 5th or 10th anniversary, we will come again at the boutique :)

WILL: Original plan was to buy at Divisoria as my mom knows a lot of good maker of wedding gowns, but time and location is a big hindrance for that idea. 
So nanalo si Abbey, we bought my gown here in Singapore. Tanjong Pagar road is a cradle for wedding needs here in Singapore and its just a two corners away from our office. In stretch of this road, we enter almost every boutique but Jazz Bridal is the most accommodating. Hail to Ms. Jasmine, she gave us good advices and give us a big discount, since it we are their first client after the Chinese New Year.
Yeah, we bought the gown but actually it can be rented out, and initial reaction of Ms Jasmine.. "your fiance loves you so much, he bought the gown for you" hehe.
We love the Jazz Bridal a lot, everyone is so kind, ooppsss. Before you go here, pls make an appointment, they handle one client at time to ensure the quality service. ;) Oh, you can contact them at 6837 3733.