Monday, August 15, 2011

Clementi Mall

We planned to get to this mall numerous times. Its location is out of our way with respect to our place. It's way too far. So one day when I picked her up at her office, we decided to have dinner there, but still we were hesitant to go. We rode the MRT and alighted at Clementi station. Just like other mall, it is integrated in the railway transit. Fashion boutiques, electronic shops, jewelry stores, and diners can be seen in the mall. We tried to eat at a Korean restaurant, but the queue is long. Minimum waiting time is one hour. We ended up at their food court. We had Japanese chicken curry rice and pork katsudon. Our dessert is at Baskin Robbins. We stroll to see what other shops they have. Good to have set our feet on this newly opened mall.

WILL: Flyers of this mall is all around Tanjong Pagar. Curiosity hits, after office we rode the green line train and few stations we were there. 
      As we were there, disappointment of the place struck, we expect a big mall that housed many shops. Nothing special. They have just a good advertisement for you to drag yourself in to it.