Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spa Le' Kraton

ABBEY: Spoiler Alert: To those who stays at Punggol, this spa haven is far from you. It's located at West Avenue 7, Bukit Gombak.

Even though it's way too far from our place, it is still great.

Upon arrival, we're greeted by their staff and served ginger tea. We're ushered to a comfortable sofa bed with good lighting and sounds. A couple of minutes later the treatment began. We got head and full body massage as well as ear candling all for a price of 38sgd per person. It's a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

WILL: How I found this spa? Through FB ads. Our aching body needs a knead. 

When I visited their page, they have a promotion. $38 for whole body massage & ear candling. Not bad ha! Well, we took a two hour bus ride from our place, quite far. But the serene beauty of their place was so nice and make me forget how far we are from thier location. The massage concentrates a lot the legs, thigh and head part. The ear candling? I hope they let us see if they really get some of our earwax. Overall, not bad. ;)