Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Famous Amos - Crown Muffins

ABBEY: We tasted Famous Amos cookies and they are good. It's time now to try their muffins. 4 muffins cost 10sgd. We had chocolate muffins and they moist and flavorful. It perfectly complements my coffee. Got those delicious muffins at Compass Point branch.

WILL:  Abbey surprised me with this muffin! A nice box consists of four crowns. Hmmmm. Unlike others that aroma will strike you first, this Famous Amos is a silent killer, haha!, after the teeth sinked on its bread, you will definitely bite until its gone. Hehe. The moisture is so nice, no dull moment with it, hehe, the walnut and choco chips gives extra excitement. Thanks baby! Love you!