Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sakunthala's Restaurant at Syed Alwi Road

ABBEY: We got hungry after our “shopping spree” at Mustafa. 

We went at Sakunthala's and had our dinner. I got egg briyani for SGD8.50. It came with an enormous serving of briyani rice , two eggs and papads. What can I say? The meal is delicious, aromatic and full of flavor. 

I’ll come back for more.

Sakunthala's Restaurant - Egg Biryani
Sakunthala's Restaurant -Fish Biryani

Sakunthala's Restaurant - Biryani Menu

Sakunthala's Restaurant at Syed Alwi Road

WILL: After redeeming our new "walk-counter" at Health Promotion Board HQ, we headed to Mustafa. After our haul at 24hours mall, we went for a dinner at Sakunthala. 

Why we chose Sakunthala? There's a lot of people (Indiands and Foreigners) dining inside and outside the restaurant, that is the sign that they offer something spectacular. 

For days, I am craving for Biryani. Something spicy. I ordered for fish Briyani for $11.00. It comes up with a huge serving of rice, a piece of fish meat, an egg, bowl of curry, chunck of raita and of course a papadum. 

The taste? Oh! Absolutely Biryani. Not just a coloring that you can see on some stalls inside mall outlets. Haha! The spices are deeply engraved in every grains of basmati rice. The fish is tender. I ended up finishing all of it, except the egg (which I pass to Abbey). Imagine how big my tummy is. Haha! 

Now I am wondering where is the next Indian Restaurant we should eat. :) any suggestions?

Sakunthala's Restaurant 
(W) http://www.sakunthala.com.sg/
(H) 11am - 3am (daily)
(A) 88, Syed Alwi Road

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