Friday, November 24, 2017

Justice League (2017)

ABBEY: We watched Justice League on the weekend after its release at Golden Village Paya Lebar. The movie doesn’t have a boring scene specially when Gal Gadot is there. Who gets bored with her? 

Adding The Flash and his crazy punchlines and naivety, you will definitely burst into laughter specially when he showed his skills but realized that Superman is also fast. 

Yes, that is a spoiler. My fave superhero is alive. I just noticed that there are some resemblance with Batman and Ironman with regards of how they act as rich persons as well as Spiderman and The Flash.

Definitely there will be a sequel for this.

Golden Village - Duo Deluxe, Paya Lebar
Justice League (2017)

Aside from Wonder Woman, this is the one of the most awaited film of Abbey for 2017, Justice League (where's Green Lantern?). 

I enjoyed the movie, but of course not as much enjoyment with Marvel's. I am not aware that Superman can be resurrected from the dead and he is the only hope for the sequel. 

I like The Flash, the cocky and childish character. Ahmm, yeah, just like Spiderman. 

Totally recommended for kids. :) 

Golden Village - Duo Deluxe, Paya Lebar
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