Friday, November 10, 2017

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato 220mL at Cold Storage Singapore

ABBEY: We planned to have a drink while watching Billions TV series. We bought two 220ml bottles of Brown Brother Moscato. It looks like it has cork but it’s not. You can just twist it open. 

It is a sparkling wine. It is sweet and I like it because it doesn’t have a strong taste and aftertaste of alcohol. Then why am I drinking wine? Haha. I think this is the kind of wine I can tolerate.

WILL: I want to drink a wine for almost a month ago. I am looking for a good sweet moscato that has a cap not a cork. Why? Abbey is not fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. I can't finish one bottle at once. 

At Cold Storage (Raffles City), before heading to meet a person from Unilever Network, we stumbled upon this tiny bottle of moscato wine from Australia. The Brown Brothers. We saw 2 variety of a sparkling wine and Abbey decided to buy the two. 

This is my second time to saw Abbey appreciate wine. He gulped his Vintage Moscato Sparkling straight from the bottle, until the last drop. 

Me? Maybe I am not used of sparkling effect on my wine. I cannot linger on it long enough inside my mouth. The taste is sweet, enough to satisfy for a moment my wine craving. But again, no to sparkling wine.

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato 220mL
Market Place - Raffles City Market Place
(A) 252 North Bridge Rd #B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre 

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