Thursday, November 9, 2017

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere: A New Silver Screen Experience at NEX Mall

ABBEY: Wilma’s anticipation for Thor:Ragnarok is so high that when the tickets were made available she bought a pair at Shaw Premiere (NEX). The passes can make you stay at the Premiere Lounge while passing time and have some snacks. 

We also got 5SGD voucher so our All-day Breaksfast set was 7.50 only. We were in the theater 15 minutes before the show starts and were given a big bowl of popcorn, a mountain of cheesy nachos and drink. The blanket has no funky smell and is comfortable.

The seat however is not smooth when I’m reclining it. The leather makes too much noise which can disturb other viewers. Also I was restricted stretching out by the wall separating us with other guests. 

Commendation to the staffs as they’re very attentive to needs of patrons.

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere' Seat

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere's Arrangement

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere: Confirmation Email

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere - Classic Movie Treat

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere - All Day Breakfast Set

WILL: To cap off the three cinemas who cater a "higher" rank in watching the silver screen, we booked at Shaw. If Cathay prides themselves with their Platinum Movie Suites, Golden Village have their Gold Class, my favourite Shaw Theatres presents their Shaw Premiere. 

Shaw Premiere is located just at Nex Mall. Yep, only in one place. We were immediately served by the ticketing counter and was confused why the tickets is so blurry. It seems that there is no ink or the ink was not printed well on the shiny silver paper. 

We entered the Premiere lobby and the staff assisted and ushered us to our seat. Abbey ordered an All Day Breakfast Meal and I am surprised that it was served at the lobby itself (I am thinking if it can be eaten inside the cinema). 

Inside, there is no enough space for Abbey's leg. Since I am at the corner, he needs to straighten up his reclining chair (that causes noise) for me to pass through. There is no separate table for each of us. The blanket is good, no mini pillow provided. This is the only reclining chair that made my lower back painful after seating for more than an hour. Huhu! 

For snacks, better buy at ticketing counter. The quantity is more generous and way cheaper. 

Oh my, sorry. This tarnished my love and respect with Shaw. Never again, Shaw Premiere.

Shaw Theatres Premiere
(A) 23 Serangoon Central #04-64 Nex Mall

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