Wednesday, November 8, 2017

National Steps Challenge™ Season 3 by Health Promotion Board

ABBEY: Yey! We got our new step tracker (Careeach) from Health Promotion Board for 5.5SGD. The goal is to walk at least 10,000 steps. 

The new device can give information about the number of steps, obviously. Aside from that, it shows the distance as well as the calories burnt. It looks like Fitbit watches and I find it difficult to charge as it take too much space in the USB hub. Other than that, it looks cool and elegant. 

To health and wellness.

National Steps Challenge™ Season 3 by Health Promotion Board
Careeach Step Tracker 

We joined the Health Promoto Board's National Steps Challenge on its first wave. There is nothing wrong with the mechanism of the step counter but it just pops out of its holder. Yes, we lost the counter but the bracelet remained. Haha. 

We received an email to join the steps challenge in wave 3. We paid only $5.50 for the device, how cool was that? It doesn't require any cord, you can directly plug and re-charge it on any USB port. 

I can see that I only got 7k+ steps everyday and as usual, we challenge ourselves to hit 10k everyday. We created more activities like running and newly added to our list is cycling. We do that every night (if Abbey's schedule permits). 

Thanks Singapore's HPB! More and more challenges to conquer! Yahoooo! 

Oh! The app can track your calorie intake everyday. Please download the Healthy 365 for you to find out more.