Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017

ABBEY: Singapore held the largest fintech festival last November 13-17 at Expo. We went there on the second day and we were awed by the works being done to further progress the development of new technology in providing financial services. 

Transactions will be lightning-fast, have less fees and more secure. Vulnerabilities will be there and that’s when the specialists comes in. 

Blockchains and crypto currencies are also here to stay. And it is exciting what it will bring in the future. 

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:NEM Blockchain

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:
Oracle Digital Banking

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:
 Monetary Authority Singapore Project Ubin

Of course, Singapore will not let themselves left behind! Singapore is Asia's hub of big international banks and a major key player in technology in the region. Surpasses all, Singapore organized the largest FinTech in the globe... The Singapore FinTech Festival 2017. 

Monetary Authority Singapore presented to people the Project Ubin. Oracle gladly presented their Digital Banking. IBM have a mini discussion about their Watson Security. Visa booth is full packed and giving away Rubik's Cube. 

NEM and LoyalCoin threw a smile and answered queries on every attendees visited their booth. Finally, a reward system that is 'loyal' to consumers. Imagine, you can get rewards from coffee shop and spend the reward to another store. OR you can convert it to XEM or Bitcoin or fiat money. Kaching! 

What can I say? Technology is moving too fast and we need to adapt and grow. Blockchain is truly disrupting the financial world. Once it is perfected, it will crawl on to the next level.. Supply Chain. 

We are indeed lucky that we are here in Singapore witnessing the biggest transition of 'money' to 'token'. This is exciting. 

No chance to attend this event? Don't fret, as early as now they are already building up for 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival. Keep an eye on it. 

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