Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

ABBEY: We watched Thor: Ragnarok on the first day it hit the theaters. It was in Shaw Premiere (Nex Mall). 

Spoiler alert!!!
Thor and Loki have a big sister. She was the right hand of their father when they are expanding the empire. The sister got hooked to power so the father banished her and coming back now for revenge; even Thor’s hammer became a casualty of it. The only one who can defeat her is Surtur (looks like the darkness monster in Moana). 

I found  the movie light which is good since it should be for the kids. There will be laughter as the punchlines keep on coming. Thor the God of Hammer is forming The Revengers :) 

Don’t wait for the second end credit; not worth it.

Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Shaw Theatres Premiere - A new silver screen experience

WILL: Waited months to see this movie! When 2nd week of October started, I am always visiting the Shaw Premiere site to check if they start to sell the Thor : Ragnarok's seats. 

Gladly, 2 days before the show date, they released the schedule and tickets. 

So how's the movie?! The action is there but it is more light and brought a non-stop laugh with the audience. 

In this movie, for the first time, I find Loki cute. But, of course Thor is so handsome with his new haircut. Lurve it! 

Ok! Ok! Back to the movie. Haha. It is a feel-good movie and it caught me off-guard. 

This movie, I am ready to watch it for one more time.

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