Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Virgils Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer at Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store Singapore

ABBEY: When I saw this at a candy shop in Chicago, I didn't take my hands off it. I need to try and savor the drink they are having in Harry Potter. Not exactly the same as butterbeer but closest one. My Aunt Araceli bought it for me as a treat. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring it back to Singapore. 

My wife saw how sad I am so she checked the item online, ordered it and have it shipped to us. I was ecstatic when I opened the box. 

In the blender, we put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, then pour a bottle of butterscotch drink and some ice. The result is a white, creamy, sweet slushie; perfect for a hot weather. 

Thanks Baby Wilma.

Virgils Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer
from Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store Singapore 

I saw the sadness on Abbey's face when he realized that he forgot the Butterscotch (gift from Mommy Telec) in Ate Gail's fridge. So, the wife is to the rescue! Haha! I searched for a store here in Singapore that can deliver those "Harry Potter soda". 

I am shocked to find out that in USA a bottle costs is US$3.50 and here in Singapore it is S$3.50 too. Who says that everything here in SG is expensive? Hmp! 

So I bought 4 bottles of it. When it was delivered, I requested Abbey to open it. I saw a sparkle in his eyes, smiled onto me and hugged me tight. That is how simple (childish?) Abbey is. Haha! 

When my nephews are here, we feasted on the drink, put some of Butterscotch, ice and vanilla ice cream to the blender! Cha-na-nan! A Butterscotch Shake! Bye diet! Yikes!  

You can buy it here in SG at Hop Shop Craft Beers and Ciders Store and they will deliver it for you! 

Happy Harry Pottering!

Hop Shop Craft Beers & Ciders Store
(W) www.hopshop.com.sg
(H) 11.00am to 9pm
(A) 1 Jalan Anak Bukit #B1-15 Bukit Timah Plaza

Virgils Flying Cauldron - Butterscotch
A magical refreshment for wizards and unrealized wizards alike =)
Harry Potter Beer