Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang

ABBEY: We went to Kallang Ice World so our visitors can show and enhance their skating skills on ice. 

For S$17.50 we got a two-hour playtime. Skate aides/guides in form of bent metal bars are free. I hope they can also have for adult my size (almost 6ft). 

If you want to maximize the time, make sure to change fast and hit the rink as soon as you can as the time starts ticking by the time of your entry. This also includes if the resurfacing happens during your stay. 

Please keep your ticket and don’t lose it. Else you’ll be charged for a full payment before you go out. 

The good thing about the place it is enclosed and not much crowd will see you fall or do your stunts. :)

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang
Skating Rink and Metal Bar 

Kallang Ice World at Leisure Park Kallang
Fee List 

WILL: This will be the second time for us to ice skate. And this time, we have enough time to linger around on a plate of snow. 

Kallang Ice World is way better than The Rink of Jurong. Why? Firstly, the skaters have more privacy. Second, the metal bar is free for use. Third, it is not that crowded. 

So please be reminded to bring your own socks and mittens or you can buy it at the counter. The fee is $S17.50 for two hours and the cleaning of the ice arena is included in that 2-hours. 

I enjoyed skating here. But please be careful or you will end up seeing doctor because of strains.

Kallang Ice World
(H) Sun-Thu: 10AM-10PM / Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: 10AM-12AM / PH: 9AM-10PM
(A) 5 Stadium Walk (Level 3)