Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ButtonsUp Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavour)

ABBEY: Buttons Up Mushroom is the entrepreneurial product of one of our friends group, Ate Che. 

Filipinos love chips (chichirya). And we all know those belong to junk food group. So how to replace them and encourage Pinoys to eat healthful food like mushroom? Mask the taste, package it good and sell. Clever right? That's how Buttons Up Mushroom is doing it. 

I tried it and I'll never know that it is mushroom if it'll be a blind test. 

It is crispy and flavorful. Be sure to grab all you can once the stock is replenished as they are selling like hotcakes.

ButtonsUp Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavour)
WILL: Abbey lovvvvvvesssss chicharon (fried pork rind) and that is his request to our dad every time someone will visit Singapore. It is unhealthy for anyone to eat that oily skin and porks' fat. 

When crispy mushrooms start to emerge in Philippine Market, Abbey is eager to taste those. BUT! Buttons Up Mushroom is always out of stock, but luckily last June, I managed to order and they arranged a free delivery at our home. We ordered 10packs (Php150 each).

My sister and friends already have tasted some of those and all I can hear is a good feedback. Now, it's our time to check it for our own. Haha. 

One bite and it is taste like pork. No hint of mushroom. This is the healthiest version of chicharon. Actually, it is perfect with rice and vinegar. Need picka-picka for your drinking session? Forget the nuts. This well complements your alcohol. 

Abbey keep on munching of those and ate most of it all. Yep! Abbey is now addicted to it. Haha! 

They have different flavors but their best seller is salted egg :) 

Buttons Up Mushroom Crisp (Salted Egg Flavor) 
(T) +639298186723

Mushroom Crisp Flavors - Php150.00
Salted Egg (BEST SELLER)
Spicy Salted Egg 
Tsoko Shrooms 

Oyster Mushroom Burger Patty - Php100.00
Oyster Mushroom Achara - Php60.00

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