Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chinkee Tan's - Singapore | Be Moneywise: Learn To Protect And Grow Money

ABBEY: At first, I was hesitant to go for Chinkee Tan's talk here in Singapore due to my schedule. But my thirst for learning won. We attended it at AIA Alexandra and I'm glad we did. It reminded me of the things I learned at Millionaire Mind Intensive: to change your mindset, your beliefs and money blueprint. 

My greatest take away is when he said to be contented but not satisfied. This will ensure to pursue greater cause, purpose and dream. 

I also enrolled for his mentorship where I got tons of materials like books and videos for free for a price of 100SGD. Invest in education, learn from the successful ones and be like them. 

Thanks Mr. Chinkee Tan. See you soon! 

Chink+ : Be Moneywise: Learn To Protect And Grow Money

WILL: Chinkee Tan is one of the famous financial speaker in Philippines and we did not let the opportunity pass to see him live when he visited Singapore. His 3-hour seminar was held at AIA Alexandra. 

My greatest take-away was when he told the attendees that "Huwag mong ipilit ang lifestyle mo. And compute the real value ng bawat binibili mo". He also emphasized to group on to three the goals we have in life.. Short, Medium to Long Term Goals. In that you can achieve those step-by-step..little-by-little. He pinpointed out that he was neck-deep on debts when his wife got ill. That is how important the health and medical insurance is. 

Oh! We bought his package to have sessions with him. ;) Can't wait to learn more and be more knowledgeable because of this man.

Chinkee Tan – Filipino Motivational Speaker

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