Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant

ABBEY: This is our first "dine out" after our US trip and we were too lazy to cook. We went to Knuckles an hour before dinner to avoid the rush hour. 

I got Chicken Chop for 8SGD. The big serving of chicken came with fries and greens. I also had couple of bites of the featured Knuckle entrée. It is crispy outside and moist and soft inside. 

Definitely a match for beers. But I had soda instead. :) Make sure to come early as it will be packed.

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant - Menu 
Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - Chicken Chop

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Pork Knuckles

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant - Menu

WILL: I am longing for crispy pata! And every time I found a restaurant here in Singapore that serves pork knuckles, I am always swept off my feet on its price! Well, one diner gave a solution for that! Presenting KNUCKLES! A S$10 German Pork Knuckles with mashed potato on the side. 

The crispness and juiciness is delighting. Oh! It is boneless! :) Even there is a mashed potato to serve as my carbo intake, I still ordered garlic rice. Perfect!!! 

We found a gem! Great food, nice ambiance, and all smiling staff! Hey! 

We WILL return!

Knuckles Bistro (Singapore) - German Restaurant
(H) 530PM - 11PM
(A) 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-33