Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PocoLoco Microbrewery – Italian Restaurant For Less

ABBEY: Still lazy to cook after the US trip, we dined at PocoLoco (Science Centre) and also to catch up with Chat. 

For appetizer, we had Funghi. The mushroom are flavorful, well seasoned and delicious. For my main, I had Lasagna di Pollo ($12.00) fresh from the oven. I think I burnt my tongue as I was too excited to eat it. Not too much to be said on that but the serving packs a lot of chicken. 

PocoLoco is a microbrewery. And since me and my wife don’t drink beer, we made Chat drink their concoction of Seaweed Barley Malt.

PocoLoco Microbrewery Jurong
Verde Beer
PocoLoco Microbrewery at Jurong

PocoLoco Microbrewery

PocoLoco Microbrewery
Gnocchi wit Pesto Sauce 

PocoLoco Microbrewery
Lasagna Di Pollo

PocoLoco Microbrewery
Lava Dessert

PocoLoco Microbrewery
Beer Menu

PocoLoco Microbrewery

WILL: After our “Yes! Yes! Yo! sa Chicago” visit, we meet-up with ever loving Chat. We went to their home at Lakeside and for dinner, we hailed taxi to our way to PocoLoco. This diner is located above the Snow City and don’t be surprised of the woody smell. 

PocoLoco has its own brewery and Chat likes beer and on that we get Verde (Green Colored Beer - $7) for her. I got Gnocci in Pesto Sauce ($11). Abbey ordered Funghi ($6) as appetizer and we add up Lava for dessert. 

Firstly, I love their Gnocci. Homemade for real. Funghi, their sautéed mushroom is simple but superb. Chocolate Lava, well, I can eat two more of those. 

Be sure to send an email or call or chope your seat. They are always fully booked. Why? Even this is one of the cheapest Italian restaurant in Singapore, they doesn’t compromise the taste of the food they serve. 

What are you waiting for? Sms your gang and try this restaurant.

PocoLoco Microbrewery
(H) Mon-Thur: 12pm–3pm & 6pm–11pm / Fri-Sun: 12pm–3pm & 6pm–12mn
(A) 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, Snow City Level 2 

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