Sunday, July 16, 2017

Singapore Island Cruise - St. John's Island, Kusu Island, & Lazarus Island

ABBEY: Make sure you plan well when visiting the Kusu / St. John's / Lazarus islands. Singapore Island Cruise is the only ferry company that provides this service. Purchase ticket for SGD18.00 at their office at Marina South Pier. 

Take note of the ferry timings else you need to wait for a couple of hours for the next one. First stop is St. John’s and Lazarus island. This is a perfect place for picnic and spend sometime at the beach. The water is more serene at the back of the island (with reference from the ferry dock). 

Then next is Kusu or turtle island. It is more of a pilgrimage place as there are 3 temples on it. So be quiet to show respect for the people who are praying. 

For the island tour, wear light clothing, pack food especially water to avoid dehydration. There are no shops on the islands. 

Go ahead, book your tour and explore other islands of Singapore.

Singapore Island Cruise
St. John's Island, Kusu Island, & Lazarus Island

WILL: In this life full of stress and anxiety, sometimes all you need is vitamin “sea”. But where to go to escape a “city-life” here in Singapore, beside Pulau Ubin? Aha! Island hopping! 

Who told you that Singapore has only 4 islands (Main Singapore, Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, Jurong)? Singapore has 63 and in one day, we visited another 3 of those. 

We alighted at Marina South Pier MRT station just parallel to Cruise Center. We bought a ticket for S$18 at Singapore Island Cruise. Please be on time or you will end up waiting for an hour or two for the next boat. 

The journey is enjoyable and fast. In no time, we reached St. John’s Island. You can have a picnic at this site. There are tables and benches and emerge yourself to see the busy city from another perspective.

Connecting with that is Lazarus Island. It is not Boracay, it is not Phuket, it is Lazarus Beach. Calm sea water and white sands stuns me and Abbey when we saw this hidden gem of Singapore. :) Tsk! Unlucky of me, I didn’t brought swimsuit. So what we did, we soaked our feet into the water to somewhat detoxify our body. 

We went back to St. John’s Island to catch the boat to our next destination...Kusu Island. 

Kusu is sacred place. Some people go here for their pilgrimage. At the back of Chinese temple, you can find also a beach but not as good of Lazarus but the difference is, there are some cottages here for you to put your belongings and sleep not under the scorching heat of the sun. Oh! There is a wishing well too! 

In this trip, please bring your own food and drinks. No hawker or anyone in there to sell you something. Put on your sunscreen protector! :) 

Visit the islands! It is worth your time!

Singapore Island Cruise
(A) #01-04 Marina South Pier
(T) 8am - 4:45pm

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